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Conservation at Home

STARTING APRIL 22, 2014: Rebate Amounts Increased!

As of April 22, 2014, certain rebate amounts for several key programs have doubled, while others have increased significantly. These increases are temporary, through June 30, 2015, and certain restrictions apply.

  • Graywater Laundry to Landscape Rebate Program.  Receive up to $200 per residential site for properly connecting a clothes washer to a graywater system.  Click here for more information or send an email to  

  • Landscape Conversion Rebate Program. Rebates have increased to $2 per square foot for converting high water using landscape to qualifying low water using landscape. The rebate amount within a cost-sharing partner area increased to $3 to $4 per square foot. For more information, please call the Water Conservation Hotline at (408) 630-2554. Click here for more information.

  • Irrigation Hardware Upgrades Rebate Program. Several irrigation hardware rebates have increased, for dedicated landscape meters, flow sensors and hydrometers, and Weather-Based Irrigation Controllers. Click here for more information.

Changes starting January 1, 2015:

Indoor water use accounts for about half of your monthly water bill. Finding ways to use water more wisely at home can lower water and energy costs.

It's easy to save water with the following resources available to Santa Clara County residents. Click here for photos and description of the free items available to residents.  For more information, please call the Water Conservation Hotline at (408) 630-2554.

Interested in downloading one of our flyers? Click on one of the following links:

Water Wise House Calls
Are you concerned about high water bills and interested in using less water? Sign up today for a FREE Water Wise House Call. House Calls are available for Santa Clara County residents. Trained water surveyors will come out to your home or apartment complex and spend at least an hour with you, reviewing your water use, providing low-flow showerheads and aerators (if needed), and suggesting water efficient improvements - including an annual irrigation schedule for your landscape.

House Calls are available weekdays and Saturdays during daylight hours for all residential customers in Santa Clara County, except San Jose Water Company Customers. If you are interested, call (800) 548-1882 to schedule an appointment, or click here to submit an online Water-Wise House Call request.

If you are a customer of the San Jose Water Company, you will need to call (408) 279-7900 to schedule a free Water Audit. San Jose Water Company appointments are available Monday through Friday during daylight hours.  To find your water retailer, click here.

High Efficiency Toilet Rebate Program 
The District is offering rebates to Santa Clara County residents, businesses, and agencies for installing qualifying PREMIUM model High Efficiency Toilets that save water, energy and money.  Each site can qualify for up to $125 per qualifying PREMIUM model High Efficiency Toilet.  For more information about this program, please click here.

Native flowersLandscape Rebate Program
Simple changes in plant type and irrigation methods can greatly reduce the water required for an attractive landscape. There are many plants that need little to no water once established. There are also several irrigation equipment upgrades that can be done to increase irrigation efficiency resulting in saving water and saving money. Homeowners must pre-qualify for the program first. Click here for more information on the Landscape Rebate Program.

Residential Clothes Washer Rebate Program 
Purchase and install a qualifying Energy Star Most Efficient clothes washer and receive a rebate of up to $150.   Check here for more information on the Residential Clothes Washer Rebate Program.

Graywater Laundry to Landscape Rebate Program
Receive up to $200 per residential site for properly connecting a clothes washer to a graywater system.  Click here for more information or send an email to

Free showerheads and aerators
Save up to 20 gallons of water a day! We will send you free low-flow showerheads, kitchen and bath faucet aerators and toilet leak detection tablets. If you are interested in receiving FREE water conservation devices, call the Water Conservation Hotline at (408) 630-2554.

Additional Resources

Need A Plumber?  Green Plumbers® have been trained in home water-efficient products, heating and cooling appliances, hot water heating, solar hot water, water conservation and water sustainability, and other emerging products and technologies.  A Licensed Green Plumber® can assist you in determining the most efficient products and appliances for your current and future needs – helping you to develop a staged plan for reducing your water and energy costs while protecting the resources of the planet. For more information, and a list of certified plumbers, go to