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Measures and Readings for 2014


Measures and readings includes data from the ALERT Hydrologic Data Collection System. ALERT is an acronym for Automated Local Evaluation in Real Time. Gauges installed all around the county generate data on reservoir levels, precipitation and stream flows.

Rainfall and Reservoir Status Report for the period:

From: To: Download:
06/01/2014 07/01/2014 PDF
05/01/2014 06/01/2014 PDF
04/01/2014 05/01/2014 PDF
03/04/2014 04/01/2014 PDF
02/10/2014 03/04/2014 PDF
02/01/2014 02/10/2014 PDF
01/01/2014 02/01/2014 PDF
12/01/2013 01/01/2014 PDF

Past Rainfall & Reservoir Status Reports: